woensdag 9 maart 2011

5 difficult words from the book.

 squarely [adv] - in a straight direct way

'' The piercing beam of a flashlight caught him squarely in the eyes, and he turned away. '' 

contemplated [imp. & p. p] - To have in mind as an intention or a possibility

'' It was exactly the sort of idiotic stunt that Dana Matherson would try, Roy thought as he contemplated his apology letter.

genuine - [adjective] not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed.

'' What, don't you believe me?'' Beatrice's indignation sounded genuine.

huff [n] - a state of irritation or annoyance.

'' Beatrice huffed. ''Why are you carryin;  around an extra pair of sneakers? That's really weird, cowgirl.'' 

puddle [n] - a mixture of wet clay and sand that can be used to line a pond and that is impervious to water when dry.

'' When he looked out the bedroom window, all he saw were puddles. '' 

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